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Great! We are excited!!

Share your idea with us and tell a living story about it.
Maybe it will soon be available as a sticker in our shop.

Please make sure that your idea is not yet available in our shop and note that we are not allowed to produce logos and graphics from other companies without official approval.
As soon as your idea is produced you get a bonus for your wonderful idea. You get 10% off the entire range for 1 year and your first name will appear on the sticker instead of the 'stick your bricks' lettering.

Let's go! We look forward to your suggestion.

Submitted ideas

Look what other people have come up with.

Opticianwith glasses stand, eye test and signs
Idea: Leon Design
Westernwith saloon, sheriff's office, drug store, gun shop and gold mine
Idea: BP submitted
Unicornswith rainbow and stars
Idea: Jane submitted

How it works!

Make your own sticker.

1. Idea
Your idea is so brilliant that it will be included in the list.
2. Design
The sticker is designed in our design department.
3. Production
The sticker is produced.
4. Idea in the shop
The sticker is available in our shop.
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